Many of our kitchen design customers ask us to create freestanding pieces to work alongside their built-in units and cupboards, integrating dining into their kitchen or living space.


Freestanding dining suite

The right size and shape dining table can make a room look larger and create the right flow around it.  With well-considered combinations of hand-made chairs and benches, you can seat your family and guests in comfort, and store seating out of the way when not in use.

Worktop height eating area

A worktop-height seating area with stools or chairs to match creates a relaxed place to enjoy breakfast, a snack or a phone call in the warmth of your new kitchen – and always seems to be a magnet for children and laptops!


We also stock a range of cool and elegant dining chairs from selected suppliers. It’s always best to choose a chair when you’ve tried it first, so please drop in to our showroom and take a seat!